Corban OneSource

Corban OneSource's singular focus is helping our clients succeed. To some this may seem like a nice tagline or catchy marketing slogan, but to us it is a proven methodology that has been developed and refined for well over two decades. Our model for helping clients become more profitable and reducing their risks, centers around well over a century of combined experience for process mapping, leveraging advanced technology, and surrounding it with the right people in the right seats.


A Singular Focus

It’s about communicating with a team of professionals that not only know you by name, they know your company, your corporate culture, and the situations affecting your business. NO call center where the first thing they ask you for is your customer account number and then route you to the first available person which puts you into “the queue.” Your Corban team calls you by your first name, because they actually know who you are and you know them; just like they were right down the hall.

“You guys are the perfect extension to our team” is what we hear most often.

If you decide to use one of our video devices we provide to our clients, you will actually see your Corban team and as some of our clients tell us, “I see my Corban team more than I see people on my own staff in other locations.”

Finance leaders put their trust in us to help with compliance, implement best practices for maximum efficiencies, and reduce risks associated with lawsuits and penalties.

HR leaders trust us to be a supplement to their staff, which allows them to bring in the right administrative assistance in just the right places, so their internal team can focus on more strategic initiatives.